Food Control Plan Software

It's not often you find a chef who has over 30 Years I.T. Experience!

The developer of this software trained as a chef in Spain in the early 80's then went on to work in IT for 30 years. With a wife in the restaurant trade at Pepitos® restaurant in Auckland and also her Paella Catering Company "Cook at Home Paella"

With the changes that MPI introduced in March 2016 it was obvious the proliferation of paperwork is too hard to adhere to in a working kitchen environment. So the team at Four Acres Ltd developed a cloud based computer system to simplify the task for chefs and management.

Four Acres Ltd, has developed a role based, multi-language, cloud based Food Control Plan system, that allows you to create your custom food control plan and provides you with simple, easy to follow prompts to ensure that it's adhered to at all times.

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NEED one of these?

Using this software has helped two Pepitos® Restaurants get a perfect 100% score when being verified recently

Food Safety Records, need to be maintained for 4 years, so why keep paper records when you can use a paperless cloud based solution.

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The software demonstrates that you are committed to supplying customers with safe and suitable food by following a Food Control Plan

This means you will have systems in place to ensure

  • staff are trained
  • food safety is controlled from purchase to sale
  • equipment and premises are clean and maintained
  • records are kept

Use this system to build your Food Control Plan for you by simple step by step instructions, your Food Control Plan can be prepared in just a few hours.

The system allows recording of the following information:-

  • Pre-Verification Check List
  • Diary Entry (for non-specific recording of information, like recording incidents and customer feedback)
  • Staff Noticeboard (with confirmation that notice has been read)
  • Entry of Staff Sign-In/Sign-Off (including breaks)
  • Entry of Daily Chilled and Hot-Held Food Checks
  • Entry of Weekly Poultry Temperature Checks
  • Entry of Weekly Food Probe Calibration Results
  • Entry of Four Weekly Review
  • Entry of Food Wastage
  • Sickness Entry
  • Good Received Entry (verifying all OK, from specified suppliers only etc)
  • Training Log (detailing that staff have been trained in specific areas)
  • Verification of Cleaning Schedule Tasks having been completed (also equipment maintenance)
  • Off-site catering pre-event checklist
As well as satisfying all the requirements of the Food Control Plan, it also satisfies all elements of your Liquor License, recording Duty Managers on duty and incident reporting.

Using a computerised system, efficiencies within your business will improve as staff are prompted on a daily basis what they need to do to conform to the food control plan.

Staff are reminded what tasks need to be addressed and then make note of what they did during the shift and key in the information when the sign off at the end of the shift.

It really is as simple as that!